He's looking for me again... or not?

friends with benefits for over 2 years. Long no contact periods. He only wants sex, I love him and he knows it.
Last time I spoke with him was august. He forgot my bday and I remembered it, he said he was an idiot and he wished I had a great day.
Now, he's been searching for me on a dating site. I just discovered he's been logging in incognito and visiting my profile. He's been doing this for three days but prior to this, he liked a Facebook pic of my dog and my kids, and he visitd my online dating profile 3 times already since July.

What does he want? Is he checking if I'm still interested or what? I told him to lave me alone and not to look at my profiles 4 months ago but he continues doing this.

I need to add that our last conversation on July he told me to go find someone else because he wanted to have fun and I'm very intense. so I went no contact.

I still love him but I don't want to be used. What should I do? Nothing at all?


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  • he just wants to screw with you


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  • Go no contact. That is the best thing you can do for your sanity. Its not good to continue having sex with a guy you are still in love with and who doesn't reciprocate your feelings. If you are going to be a fuck buddy make sure the guy is a fuck buddy to you too and that you can drop him as soon as someone better comes along. Otherwise, you will invest too much emotional energy on a person who is not serious about you and waste precios time and hurt yourself more.

    Look for other guys to date and as soon as you find someone better and who loves you and you love back, if someone asks you about this guy, you'll have a hard time recalling his name.

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