Im so confused Ladies Help me please Did she flake on our date?

Ok. i made plans with this girl on Wednesday to go to the movies Saturday i told her the time and she said "that will wok what theater". she drives but didn't know where it was so i said ill come get her and she said are you sure? and i said im sure. then she said "lol well ok". \i told her we had to change the times cause it was sold out and she said "ehh okay lol" then said "Who else is going" becuase we usally go as a group with our friends. i said just us and she said "ooooo okay!". the day of the movies she told me "im not feeling well ;/ can we try another time im sorry" 2 hrs before we were suppose to hangout. i didn't respond to the text casue i didn't see it and i missed a call from her. i called her back and she said she wasn't feelin well and if there was another time we could go. i said how about tomorrow same time and get better she said Okay i will. 2hrs after we were suppose to hangout she texted again i feel better alrdy. i got on instagram and she uploaded a video with her friend and she seemed fine. we texted for a little bit and apparently she had a headache. now the next day rolls around Sunday and i woke up from a text from her that said "im sorry (my name) but im still not feeling good" at this point i just ignored the text and then 3 hrs later she sends another one "idk if im contagious" i finally answer and told her i was at work which i was and she said i figured. then i told her dont worry about i i can't go either. her response was "lol why can't you" now I don't know if this is a game or if she really was sick I don't know but if she did flake on me why coudlnt she just tell me she didn't wanna go and not agree to go with me


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  • Maybe she's just too afraid to turn you down because she's afraid of hurting your feelings. 3 tries now would be enough to give up, but if you're really desperate then give in a week so that she could logically get better (if she was being honest) and if she pulls out again then forget about it.

  • Wow, that girl is infuriating, haha!
    If she is being honest about not feeling well, you can give her more time to "get well".
    But her behavior says that she was fine and just didn't feel like going, for whatever reason. Maybe she got nervous, maybe she was worried about it being "a date", maybe she doesn't know how to say that she doesn't want to go with JUST you so she keeps postponing hoping others will tag along eventually.
    I'm not really sure, but if it were me, I probably wouldn't ask again. Twice is enough to make me think something weird is going on and if she didn't want you thinking something weird was going on, she'd be more concerned instead of "Oh, I feel better already" and everything.
    That wasn't cool of her, I'm sorry.


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