Should I apologize to my ex?

well first thing's first, i'll give some backup on the breakup.

Things were great until things got stressful at school, and I started to assume negative things and over analyzed his behavior and let my jealous and anxious thoughts take over and become a reality. I would begin to cling to him and get frustrated if he did things that I was normally okay and trusted him with doing (he has lots of female friends and I said it was okay to take them places and do things early in the relationship, but when I started thinking he was acting funny, I told him to stop, which didn't make him all that happy.)

He started acting down and strange, and I predicted he would break up with me, and instead of confronting him head on about it i just beat around the bush and eventually dumped him because I was scared and just overall a coward. Not to mention not very considerate of his feelings.

The premature breakup has me feeling awful, and at first I blamed it all on him, but now that about a month has passed, I realize it was my fault. some fault for him for lack of communication, but I was definitely in the wrong.

He has another girlfriend now, who he got with in about 2 weeks after we broke up. I feel awkward in the situation apologizing and asking forgiveness on the chance him or his girlfriend will get suspicious.
I wrote out my apology and my intentions seem clear (that I am indeed just sorry and not asking for anything romantic or for him to come back to me) however I'm worried about the worst that could happen.
should I apologize? I don't know if I have hurt him or not but I want to clear the air and hopefully give him some closure.


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  • you didn't mess up. He basically acted shady and didn't stand by you.


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  • My god, i think i just read my Life! Yeah, apologize, you'll feel better! doesn't matter what he'll think. The important is too get this out of your shuolders

    • thank you :) ill see what i can do