Should I tell my crush I like him (BTW i'm shy and he is too)?

okay we have been friends since 6th grade and on in 9th grade i had a feeling he liked me because he would stare at me a lot and at that time i liked someone different but know im over him. Now i like him and last Friday i saw him at a football game (i was there for like the last 30 mins of it) and we talked the whole time, he was standing really close to me and everything at one time he came by and right after we kept on talking and he told me about how he got his phone taken away and he said maybe its because he didn't clean his room (if you were a guy and your room was a mess would you tell one particular girl-your crush- or any girl) he also told me that he would talk to people that only come up to him (like me) and he doesn't come up to talk to people so basically he's not social (that's what he said) and today i needed to do something on the computer in the library and he came in to the library and he looked at me and i look at him to (ok so there is this other guy i'm doing a presentation with him and he flirts with me a lot an it annoying with him flirting with me when i clearly like the other guy but i wanna know if he's jealous because he is looking at me when the annoying guy flirts with me -im just like Can You Not flirt with me-)
so anyways please answer this question if i should tell him i like him
(i always get the feeling that he likes me but i dont wanna be MissKnowItAll)

  • yes i should tell him i like him (if yes how should i tell him)
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  • Yeah, putting myself in HIS shoes, he probably likes you. I know I get a tad annoyed when people keep saying my crush has a thing for other guys, and stuff like that.

  • Sooner or later, one of you is gonna crack. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your feelings for him, especially if he feels the same. :)


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