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Complicated... she recently broke up with her 2 year relationship boyfriend!! so not the best start! anyway we have been on a few dates kissed... went on a date I kissed her.. then we talked a abit about her old relationship and if she's ready she said she felt guilty... still kissed her... anyway took her back to my house went for a kiss she said she wasn't ready.. anyway after leaving I asked her if she when she would be ready she said shed late me know... I asked if she would be my kissing buddy lol.. she said maby the next time we hang out.. so I lent her my guitar with a gift hidden in it for her birthday!!! she sent me this text OMG thank you so much for the present You are soooo sweet wooowww... so my question do I still got a chance... should I take it slow give her space,,,, I don't want to be a rebound... am I friend zoned? any comments would be highly appreciated and advise cheers!!!


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  • I don't believe you're necessarily friendzoned or a rebounder. But you should give her space to get over her past.
    A thing girls like to do when we go through a breakup is eating bunches of icecream and chocolate. Ask her is youshould come over with a good movie and icecream. You would definitely earn some good points on that, and it would absolutely open her eyes and show her that you are there for her, which is a good thing when you want to have a chance with her.


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