My boyfriend hung out with his ex every other week when I'm away, is that normal?

They were a couple in college (Sam and Christine). Now he's 32, and she's about 5-6 years younger than he is. She's single.

They hung out two weeks ago when I was away on a business trip. He said it was because an old friend (female) was in town, and was staying with Christine, that's why all three of them hung out.

Sam doesn't have Christine on his Facebook now, despite the fact that they used to be Facebook friends. I asked why, and Sam said he deleted her after she cancelled plans with him a couple of times. (This sounds to me that he was hurt by her lack of attention to him.)

Sam is hanging out with Christine again when I'm away this week, saying because he doesn't get to see her very often. (I was thinking: didn't you just see her 10 days ago? How often would you like to see her?)

What do you think? Is that normal?


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  • i don't know how id feel about that. I don't think its that fair... because he does it when your "away" not when your lets say visiting your parents or having a girls night out... no but when you are far away. -_- he may be friends with her... but look not cool that he's gotta keep doing so often.


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  • ure prob reading 2 much into it its a matter of if u trust him or not... if it really bothers u tell him to stay away but overall its prob best to leave it and see what happens... i used to talk to my ex cause i had 2 kids when i was with my last ex and i promise u i will not be going out with either of them again LOL... their exs for a reason... all the same u have the right to complain if it really bothers u that muc but it could make u look untrusting which for many men and women thats a deal breaker... it sounds to me if this christine isn't on his f list still he just did it cause his es wanted to... but if thats the case there just might be more to him and his ex than should be... his ex is always gonna be different form a female friend with him though this is a girl he's already boinked and he held an emotional bond with... i was always jelly of my ex talking about her exs cause it made me feel insecure like she misses them and im not quite measuring up but thats human psychology for ya :P


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  • Ummm, why is this even a question?
    It's dysfunctional and creepy at best..
    A better question is why are you keeping this creep around?

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