Where can I meet women who will be more likely to appreciate me for saving myself until marriage?

Not saying that she necessarily has to be doing the same either, but I think I will have better luck with dating if I narrow my search a bit. Some women hate this idea it seems, while others would love a man like this. I was wondering how I should go about finding women who are more likely to be fond of this decision or even made this decision for themselves.

Here's the thing though. I am not a Christian. I am a casual Hindu (but that's not the reason I am saving myself until marriage - it's for personal reasons). Should I convert or is it not necessary?



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  • Church, temple. Anything religious

    • Anything else? Here's the thing though. I am generally not into Indian girls. No offense to you, Indian gals - lot of guys think you're hot - we all just have our own preferences. But I am also not Christian. So neither places would work for me. So there's a bit of a predicament there for me.

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  • Its a pain to find what you are looking for, as a non-religious it has been extremely difficult for me, you at least have a religious reason and I'm sure a woman of the same religious faith will find your commitment Honorable.

    • Did you read my post? Sorry, I said that it's not a religious reason? Actually, the opposite.

    • You at least have religion, and some religions are fond of celibacy. Myself on the other hand wish nothing to do with religion.

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  • Let me guess. You're an Indian guy trying to marry a White virgin... Yeah not happening (lol)

    On a more serious tone it would be best to seek out people with your beliefs.

    • Not necessarily a virgin I said. I am Americanized by the way except for this decision which isn't exclusively an Indian thing.

      I can't control who I am attracted to (my preference for white girls - that said if there was Indian girl into me that I was somewhat attracted to, I'd give her a chance). And actually, I am only 16, so right now I am just looking for a romantic relationship, but I feel I will have a better chance if I go after the right girls.

      Be careful. Being of Indian descent is a huge insecurity for me and it's comments like these that feed it.

      Like I said though, not necessarily a virgin. I just think it will be better to go after girls who are more likely to appreciate this kind of thing.

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    • Like what am I supposed to do? Yet another bashing of an Indian guy's preference for white women (even when I am not like most Indian men), even when this preference was naturally developed without the aid of media or parental expectations (which I frankly don't even care about). It's frustrating and demoralizing.

    • And my insecurity is NOT over skin color. Mine is actually quite similar to Spanish people's. It's over stereotypes and presumptions and instant disqualification by white women because they will immediately think I am that typical Indian guy.

      Just curious, did your read what I linked to?

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