Whats my deal with relationships now?

I used to be really good at dating when high school had started, and I really enjoyed it and it made me feel happier. But as time goes along I've been cheated on and lied to and screwed over a variety of girls, and since my last serious relationship I have completely lost the romantic spark that I used to have when I saw someone I would be attracted to. The magic is completely gone for me, and I have lost all real motivation to start dating again. I won't talk to girls anymore with the intent of trying to get their numbers or with the intention of dating them anymore because I've had so many shitty relationships in the past. Is there anything I can/should do? I kind of feel completely stuck, I've tried dating websites, but they all charge obscene amounts of money so there's no chance ill be doing that haha. I also just moved so Im feeling particularly lonely right now :( any advice? I feel myself slowly receding into a bout of depression and Im wondering where I should go from here.


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  • You need to start over. You did some crappy shit and

    • Try to correct youself. Dont be repetitive

    • I was cheated on & lied to - it wasn't the other way around lol

    • Yeah. Maybe she got bored with you. Thats why most people cheat cuz the dont get any adventure or kink out of the relationship and someone else does. Like duh

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