Tinder date? What do I do?

I've gone on dates before, but I've never had a relationship or done anything sexual or really experienced like anything. I'm 19 and this girl is 20. I've convinced her to go on a date with me and she seems like a sweet girl. I also feel like she's way too pretty for me haha so I don't wanna like hurt my chances for this date. I like asking lots of questions and finding out about the person. I'd typically take the date to a dinner or something cause it gives you time to talk. Movies are bad first dates. I know that much. Everyone says you'll know if you should kiss the date, but I never do. I'm just nervous that my lack of everything will ruin yet another date for me. I some how always like blow it. I don't know haha I just could use some pointers like how do I answer her questions without seeming creepy or weird? I'm good at asking questions and listening, but bad at talking about myself

What kind of dates do you guys/girls prefer?
***First dates that is***


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  • Well, its good you're focusing the conversation more on her than yourself, but if you ask too much questions it gives her sort of.. hmm.. a nosy impression of you, you're too curious and you're lacking the concept of having a real conversation. Asking simple questions like, "what field of work are you studying", for example are great conversation starters, but once you start to talk to each other, you want to start making jokes and getting more friendly, but don't go too fast. Always pay for the meal, all of it. And if you enjoyed it, ask to take her somewhere else thats fun, it gives you a fun personality, instead of sticking with the same questions she's been constantly asked by other dates. Don't kiss her on the first date, rushing into relationships are NEVER good. Just stick to the basics and add a little bit of your own personality to them. Good luck! xx

    • Thanks! I don't wanna come off as like nosey or weird. I just don't wanna be embarrassed haha again... What kind of first dates do girls prefer?

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    • Good for you haha! You're right on the money. You should definitely do that. ( P. s I'm only 13 but I know A LOT for the capacity that i'm supposed to hold in my brain for my age ) ( But trust me, I may be young, but what i'm telling you is 100% right ) :))

    • See lol I would've guessed you're like 18-24 not under 18, especially not 13! But you've definitely got some knowledge :) and I trust you haha you know more than me :p

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  • Well I know this sounds kleshĂ© and all but pretend your talking to mate, but a female one. Just be chill, it'll work out for you I bet! Xx


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