Could someone explain all of his actions, towards the end? I don't understand him.

so there is this guy who is very quiet around me and rarely says anything hence awkward conversations. He also goes out of his way to avoid me at times and its very obvious - i tend to ignore it however. Then there are rare moments when he comes up to me on his own and says hi but again short conversations because he rarely says anything. I've seen his instagram and he doesn't seem shy at all. Quite the opposite actually. And he seems to get along with girls as I've seen in interactions. Well i just saw him again after the break and i pretended i didn't notice. then one day we were on the bus and i didn't sit beside him but as he was going he did smile and say hi. then a couple days later he came up to me and we had another short conversation all the way home.
then a couple days ago i was on the bus and he got on looking for seats and looked at me and he gave me a half smile and raised his eyebrows i guess as a form of acknowledgment? and quickly turned his face while i smiled and waved back. then he got off shortly w/o looking
its like sometimes he seems interested and other times totally uninterested and it feels odd
and during our conversations if i happen to mention something i know he knows he acts like doesn't and acts clueless
so why does he do this?
ps we both are 20


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  • He is actually very interested. When he comes up and talks to you he built up a lot of courage and momentum to do it. Him walking away or avoiding you a little is him not trying to screw things up for you because you are that important to him. When I talk to a girl that I am dating, I am always my best self. As a result I don't talk as much to them as I would to normal friends. Obviously he is trying very hard to get to know you and if you like him back, put forth some of your own effort. Best of luck!


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  • Who are you to each other?
    How do you guys know each other, other than the bus interactions?

    It sounds like he is interested in you, at least a little.
    Him talking to you is him wanting to get to know you more, make conversation.
    Him not talking to you is him either being shy, or waiting to see if you talk to him first… he may be trying to see if you're interested in him.

    If you are interested, why not just talk to him more yourself?
    Instead of waiting for him, talk to him… get to know him, ask questions about what he's into, share about yourself and what you're into… get things moving and possibly progressing (if you notice sparks).

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