Is it weird not seeing someone your talking to for few weeks now?

Been talking to this guy for a month and a week we've hanged out twice and talk everyday even if its just a hi or have a good day. I understand he can be busy with work or be with family, but he hasn't asked me to hang out with him lately and it's been few weeks. We've gotten to know each other over text mostly and our feelings are mutual we can talk about anything. He already gets jealous and got little argument over something dumb and thought i already have another guy when he didn't talk to me for a week cause of stupid fight. He already said i love you, but it's probably just as friends I don't know i didn't say it back. But is that weird not seeing each other for that long should i be concerned?


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  • Key word: priorities. If he can't make you one, regardless of his schedule, then leave it alone :).

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