If you only hang out with a girl once do you not care about them at all?

So this guy I've seen him around and interacted with him over this year. Only when I saw him at where he works local supermarket. He would stare, tease, smile, compliment me and pay special attention to me. My instinct said just another flirty guy who doesn't act on it

I am shy so I did think maybe I have not done enough. So I ask for his number. He then texts me and calls. I find out he has a crazy work schedule. Work and sleep being his whole life. An he told me his hours and apologised for not being available all the time and I said fair enough.

This made me think will be hard to see him so I said if your too busy lets forget meeting. Week later he asks to hang out. He does 12 hr shifts 3pm-3am an. 7am-7pm on different days of week. At 10pm on 22nd aug he asked to meet me at 3am. I said yeah if I try stay up.

Then he called at 3 we hung out. He seemed happy even kissed. me on cheek and lips. We had good convo and I got to learn bit about him. He said he's here to work weeks later and ifhe can get time then why not he will see me. I felt like an option and so unwanted. He would tell his coleagues I am his princess and make me feel so special. Went downhill from the date he said we would go to dinner but said he will have to take a day off he never did try thouhh or mention it since.

I called him and tried. to see him many times since. An he said to me weeks before yeah he wants. to see me crazy hours due to his schedule. He knew iwas virgin and said if things go well it will happen in time. He didn't seem like a player at all.

We fell out two weeks later. An then again last week. He would say friends seeing how it goes an then that there is something there as he wants to know me. then not like your my wife or we been together years
He then said last week leave me alone an that he dont care for me. I phoned him Friday forthe truth an he said I dont want to know you got no time for you or anything like that. I thought coward

He also said met you once in my life get over it. An said I am not normal. I just wouldn't treat someone like that. He ended up hanging phone up saying dont call me. An I said I waited up to see him he said never asked yoy too
He was so mean to me ended up crying afterwards. Not like I've known you years. He seemed stressed at work and made out I added to it. Even said I dont want no gurl so why mislead me and make out he's into me calling me his babe.


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  • he sounds like such a douche! You don't need him! Leave his weird ass in a ditch!

    • Just so sick I wasted a month on the loser

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    • I know it upset me cus I thought he might be a decent guy but far from it. he's all talk and immature

    • Just make it like water off a ducks back. Don't let thoughts of this guy bother you anymore!

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  • thats that end it and move on

    • Its ended already by him. An yes I know to movr on but I asked a question not what to do

    • figured the question was rhetorical... all people are different so some men would feel after meeting once some would feel w/o meeting at all and some couldnt care less...

    • Oh ok thank you for answering

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