Help with insecuritys. Getting a girlfriend?

So I am a junior in high school. I have not even kissed a girl yet. (I know) I just haven't had a girlfriend. I know how to treat a girl and I know about all that and I think I would be a awesome boyfriend. I dress very well. Always smell good. I go to party's a lot. I am 6' tall. The issue is I am a little bit chubby which doesn't even really show. I go to the gym everyday and I am loosing it fast. I don't have a huge issue talking to girls but some I do. I just don't know how to really get to know them. I like this one girl in my history class and we sit next to eachother. What should I do to get to know her better. I mean I'm a okay looking guy probobly 6 or 7 out of 10. How should I become friends with her and then make the move later on. She's a 9-10 freshmen. She starts up conversation with me sometimes so I'm not sure, please just help. Cheers.


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  • One, a junior in highschool and not having relationship experience is hardly a big deal. Two, just talk to her. Like really, just say whatever seems to fit. If two people who get along begin talking to each other a conversation typically flows between them easily. You obviously want to get along with your girlfriend so put it to the test and see how conversation goes.


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  • Why don't you try and start up conversations with her in history class to show you're interested. Then from there, every time keep doing this and slowly build up to talking to her outside of lessons.

  • If this helps i'm a senior girl, i've never kissed a guy. I flirt a lot with this freshman boy, sadly he has a girlfriend hah. anyway, just talk about random things, ask if she plays any sports or if you know what she does ask her how thats going. A lot of girls like to talk about themselves, so just ask away... ha


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  • Hmm.

    I remember when I was junior. I was pretty much the same as I am now. Probably forty pounds lighter, but that's besides the point. ja ja

    Things were going really well for me. There were three girls I knew who liked me, but I made the mistake of not choosing one.

    Looking back, I think I would have picked the cute little Mexican one, but that's in the past.

    Now, my advice to you. Don't worry about it. You're young. Your a junior for Christ's sake. You have time. Don't be intimidated by the social progress your friends are making. Everyone has their time. If you hadn't done anything by the time your twenty, then you might want to get a move on 'cause it's kinda weird when your making up for "lost time".

    As for the girl. Just talk to her. Don't be creepy. Talk about what you guys like to do, how Mr. Thomas' was total bull shit. Typical high school stuff. I know I remember it was fucking lame.

    Here's a little secret: You know how they say your teens are the best years of your life? LIES! Early twenties and straight up twenties are the best. Sure, you're gonna have to do some adult shit, but that's gonna happen no matter what. So, have fun. But don't do anything stupid.

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