If you have no feelings for your ex, would you still hold their hand tightly and talk to them affectionately?

He is confusing me.

Do you think I should ask him what does he mean by this?


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  • Be upfront and direct. Stop worrying so much about what they are thinking or why they are doing what they are doing and take care of you. How do you feel about what is going on? If your Ex's behavior is creating discomfort and confusion for you, step up and say something and directly ask for clarity about the intentions of his actions, then establish clearly how you prefer to interact.

    Often times women are so wrapped up in the other person's feeling and thoughts, they forget to establish their own boundaries. If you are going to be friends with your ex, you need to establish some kind of boundaries and if you're not comfortable communicating directly, honestly and openly with them, you are going to have a rough time being friends.

    Don't bring emotion and assumption into it (for all you know, he is not seeing things the way you are). State the facts, speak about how it makes you feel, ask about his perspective, establish boundaries to relating to one another.


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  • This is for a man to answer. I do want extra Xper point so excuse my pointless opinion lol.

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