Are me and this girl "Dating"? So confused?

Been talking to her all summer, and we went on a date, we had sex, and all that good stuff. Haven't seen her in 3 weeks but, we've been texting each other and had a phone call and stuff. She's busy with school at the moment so she can't quite see me. So I was talking to her last night and I asked her for help in a subject and I said I'll love you forever if you help me and she responded "Too soon for love", so does this mean we are something? I don't know what we are. Like, she thinks we are something right, or why would you say that...

And anyone how does dating actually work, does she get to see and have sex with other guys... because I don't want to see other girls, I like her and I have feelings...


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  • Sounds one way. Sounds like you two are friends with benefits.