Me and my ex want to get back together after two months but?

Me and my ex boyfriend wants to get back together but his mum said that she'll throw him out if he gets back with me.
She wasn't keen on me from the start but after we split, I got really stressed and my period was over a week late and I was throwing up. I told my ex than I thought I was pregnant and he told his mum. That's why she doesn't like me.
I met up with him yesterday and his mum came back early so we left the house but I saw her looking down from the bedroom window.
What can I do to make her realise how much her son means to me?
I'd never throw my future kids out unless it's major!
His nan also doesn't like me after I sent her a birthday card a few days after the split. She told him that she won't talk to him if he gets with me.
Can someone help? We want to be together but he can't get thrown out over me!


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  • I think y'all should be mature about it. Talk to them, explain how much he means to you. They'll understand im sure. But if they dont there something wrong with them.

    • I don't see them to talk to them :/ and I'm too nervous to message his mum :(

    • You got to do something. Ask yourself is being quiet about it worth losing him?

    • But she hates me! And I doubt he wants me to message her as it might make things worse 😔

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