Is a girl being too nice a turn off?

So I have been in a relationship where I lived with my significant other. I cooked, cleaned, was a gracious host when his friends came over and was very thoughtful, i. e. I would go to the store but new he was sick so I would get him a honey bun (his favorite) and some medicine to help clear up his sickness...

Anyways... One thing led to another and in conversation via text I saw him tell his friend that he was starting to get annoyed by the fact I was so nice.
& then in argument with me one day he said it straight up... "You are too damn nice. You would give my clothes away to a homeless person if you had the chance to!"

I am not sure how to take this comment.

So guys, is it unattractive for a female to be too friendly and thoughtful? Am I missing a big picture of something?


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  • It depends. If a girl didn't tell me her opinions I could see how that could be annoying. I'd feel like I don't really know her. If she's just really sweet most of the time I think that's great. Sounds amazing. I want one like you.


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  • No it's not im sure many men wish they had a girl like you. lol it seems he's ungrateful.

  • NO.

    Agree with Memphiz, a nice gal like you is NOT a turn off. And I, as well as most guys I know--would definitely appreciate a girl who cares so much and puts such an amazing amount of effort into a relationship.


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  • Maybe he doesn't know how to appreciate a good thing. Forget him, honestly. It's stupid of him to say that to someone behind your back. He probably wants one of those bitchy girls who'll play with his feelings.

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