Approaching more attractive people?

Obviously, it's all subjective & shallow but consider this scenario minus personality (all other things equal)

if using normal 10 point scale, and assuming you are 5

a) would you approach someone who is 7
b) would you approach someone who is 4

ps: assume yourself any number but basically would you approach 2 point down or up?/ Too low or too high


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  • I could make this so much more complicated but, i'll say yes i'd approach girls who are 2 points or more higher on the scale, and no i'd not approach someone 2 points lower on the scale. I don't see it as shallow though, having a preference shouldn't be a crime nor demonised.

    • well the question is, if they also decide not to approach 2 points lower like you (like most of us-for that matter) then?

    • I don't worry about it, i've dated girls much better looking than myself... whether that is a personality thing or whether they're attracted to me based on their own preferences? I could never say for certain but not everyone will be in the same boat. Someone who is a 8,9,10 based on my preferences could be a 3,4,5 on someone elses... of course the chances of that will be less likely but it does happen.

    • yup tastes differ and mostly "beauty is in eye of beholder" is true

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  • Giving them 2 points , I don't know depends on what. I don't usually have same taste with other people. So if I like what I see while looking at him, that counts most for me. I don't understand the number thing. I only care whether he is confident about himself, he likes himself. That would make me happy and get attracted to him.

    • putting numbers a side. simple question is this would you approach someone who you think is way too attractive then you are?

    • I would definitely approach. It would not hurt I think. Better than be regretful because of not trying.

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