How can I tell if the bisexual guy likes me?

I posted a video of me singing and he didn't even like the post let alone comment, he told me in person the next day though that I'm a good singer. I sat down at lunch, closer than usual to him, and he just says "You're good at singing you know." But k notice he complements other people. And he acts shy around me, but he doesn't around my other girl friends. On Instagram, I rated him, tbh, and date or pass. I wrote rate:10 tbh: I don't know you all that well but you seem cool from what I know, and you're cute. Date: probably. Again he didn't comment anything, but came to me in person 2 days later at lunch and thanked me, then started a small talk conversation. Also he likes my instagram selfies every time, but he likes a lot of my girl friends selfies. When I talk to my friends near him, he is obviously listening just doesn't look at me until he adds on or proves that he heard what I said, it's like he's nervous around me or scared to make me think he likes me. Idk... it's kind of confusing really. I'm not use to bi's so how can I tell if he's in to me or not?


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  • I don't date bisexual men.
    heterosexual manly pussy banging men for me.