Guys do you understand mind games? is this a game?

o me and my friend were messing around and he just seemed mean bc I called him baby and he didn't like it.. He said "ur a whore nothing but a whore" in a normal voice.. He didn't want me to make noise.. He usually calls me a whore when we mess around.. But after we were done, he let me hug him. Um why?
& then he called and said he's moving in two weeks. and when i sounded sad, he was like we have no ties, why do you always cry like this? and he just keeps playing games like this but why?

Im so confused. he mooches off everyone but only wants sex with me but why is his behavior getting worse towards me?

I did nothing to him but let him.

now i can only talk to him when he calls. if i call him he acts stupid and says this isn't my phone..
is he trying to play with my emotions


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  • Maybe he thinks you are attracted to bad guys? Answer my question please?

  • You want to be with this guy why exactly?

    • I just sadly love him ughh

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