To ask, or not to ask!?

So, as always, there's a guy...

In my town, there is a pub that hosts a weekly open mic night that all of the local musicians go to every week. The last two weeks in a row, I've spent the whole night chatting with this guy I sort of know and we seem to be really hitting it off.
All the signs are there, casual touch, the big smile when he sees me, he seeks me out etc... We had a little joke about how we've spent the last two Monday nights in a row yelling over the music, and it'd be nice to have "A real conversation"

I'd like to ask him to go for coffee, but I've honestly never asked a guy out before...

Should I wait for him to make a move, should I just bite the bullet and ask... Guys, would you mind a girl asking you out (or just for casual coffee)?

Told him to let me know when he'd be in town again, and we could grab a drink, or coffee, gave him my number, and he sent back the thumbs up emoji... lame... couldn't even bother to type a real word... Oh well.
Went ahead and gave him my number, told him to get a hold of me for coffee or drinks when he was in town next, and got a "Going to be in town Saturday, might see you around" I'll take that as a no! Shame he's not interested... Oh well!


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  • Don't wait for him to make a move. Just ask him if he wants to hang out some time.


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  • Guys would like it actually.
    When you are asking if you are not confident enough you can keep it casual.
    You can say in between conversation.
    "Hey, have you even been to (a coffee shop name). I heard they serve very fine (some coffee name). You should try that." If he says yes I have been there you can say "I am planning to go there tomorrow afternoon will you like to join?" or if he says no I don't know about the place then you can say "Its just beside the city center (or some place), if you are free tomorrow I can show you the place."
    This will show him that you care for him and also you can have your wish fulfilled. :)

  • no actually make it a lot easier its hard to approach women we can't tell whats on your minds cause all over the place and if he has that certain twinkle in his eye u know were into it especially if has a little smirk


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