How to speak to crush I haven't talked to in a year?

I used to work with a girl that I fell for hard, and haven't spoken to her in a year, and want to talk to her again. How do I go about it?

Backstory, so I meet my crush when we both got hired and were both on the same crew. I started working close with her developing a nice work friendship. After a while we got moved around and didn't see each other much. Shortly after that we were put on the same crew together again and continued where we left off. We never did anything outside of work, but I started falling hard for her and thought maybe she was showing interest in me as well. After a couple month I got transferred to another area and lost communication with her. She later deleted Ber Facebook and later came back on but unfriended me at the same time. I ask what was up and she said I was a nice coworker and that she likes to keep her circle of friends small. After hearing that I felt crushed. Here we are a year later and I would pass by her and see her quite a bit and can't bring myself to at least say hi in fear or rejection of interaction. I want this to change I want to talk to her again but don't know where to begin? I'm in a different area and can't really meet in person and wanted to know what to say in a message to her? I figured I would do it though Facebook even though I still have her number but thought that might be weird.

How should I go about it?


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  • You know opposites attract.. Hehe, when your working with her, just look at her (engage eye contact) smile and say "Hey, how are you?" (she then replies) then say "oh good its, been a while since we last talked" and go from there. When you do that, you should be fine! Good luck! 😏

    • We don't work together anymore. It's been a year since we've talked. We passed by each other but I could never bring myself to make eye contact or at least say hi... And I hate that I did that :/

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  • Honestly she doesn't sound like she's worth the time or effort your putting into her man.


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  • Do you guys not work together anymore? If you have her number you could call her up and tell her that you'd want to hang out sometime. Or you guys are both on FB you add/ message her. Do you know if she's in a relationship?

    • We don't work together anymore. Also she's not in a relationship, I know she has been hurt before though. She dropped me as a friend last year and I just miss her and want to talk to her again, but would suck if it gets rejected.

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    • I dont know why she dropped me as a friend? Maybe I thought we were friends? It just sucks because I want to talk to her but don't know what to say. It sucks because we have passed each other a couple times and I can never bring myself to look or say hi :(

    • Then in that case, you are lucky in a way that you at least see her around. That right there is an opening. Be confident and greet her, ask her how she's been. That at least creates an opportunity for further conversation. You gotta give it a shot at the least.

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