Casual dating vs committed relationship? Do guys get jealous when their casual partner is seeing other people? Also is it ok to see other people?

Recently got out of a 7 year long relationship and now I've started dating again. Things are much more hook up orientated than they used to be so im struggling to navigate the waters. I've been seeing this guy who is very sweet but is throwing a lot of hot and cold at me. We've had sleep overs and he will usually text me everyday but he is becoming sort of distant (havent heard from him since are last get together). So my instinct tells me to drop him or start trying to talk to someone else who is more intrested. Is this the wrong mentality to have?

  • yep its ok for you to talk to other people
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I dont mean sleeping with two guys at the same time, I mean just talking/ getting to know some one else


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  • No I don't see nothing wrong with what your doing. If a guy is confused and is acting confused giving mixed signals then why wait for him? I think you should keep your options open and try to stick to a guy or guys that are interested in you.


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  • well what do u want? and what does he want? just ask and if it dosnt match up then it dosnt n drop it and if it does make it work


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  • If the two of you aren't committed to each other its definitely ok to see and talk to other people