Does anyone know if pick up artist boot camps work? Man it expensive?

Need to un-loser myself with women and I am looking into getting some date training. But I don't know if it works or if its just easy money for some good looking player.


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  • The only one I could recommend is Neil Strauss.

    I admire this man because of what he does and his teachings. I think he has read and is a student of the Art of War, from my observations in his books. The art of war is a powerful weapon and tool. Self proclaimed pick up artists will just teach you about body language, words, phrases, and tactics. But Neil actually teaches you everything about dating and how to be patient. He is expensive but his books have self training and thats all you really need.

    I've noticed that some guys have a mindset of "I need to get laid", ok thats their main objective. But the reason men fail is because they set themselves up for failure. They fail to understand and recognize their surrounding (Art of war: Surveying the battle field, understanding the weather). They fail because they approach women and hope for the best (Art of war: Plans and tactics). I can go on forever.

    • Thanks man. I read the game (I wish I didn't because it gave me hope) and was fascinating, really inspiring. Neil Strauss is the man.

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  • I'd do some cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help with a lot of self talk that holds people back. You csn get some books on it online, even.

    • You probably right. But even though positive self talk will help, it still won't make me prettier, richer, funnier or any of those things. My greatest fear is finding someone who will be near my age and see right through my inexperience. So I am up for the dating and failing game to get good, I just want to speed up my progress with seasoned womanizer.

    • It's more than just positive thinking - I tried it myself, actually and was also skeptical. I just helps you change defeating beliefs and feel more confident getting outside your comfort zone. Gymtime always helps too. :)

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  • Would highly doubt it, if you can't do it now you'd be doing well to ever do it... it's a scam like any other, like people who sell 'motivational lectures'.

    • @Jonny hen you say "you'd be doing well to ever do it" is NOT an option. Its like being poor and somebody saying, well you can't get rich (despite the fact there are tons of ways to get rich).

    • That's the point, it isn't an option and there's usually a reason... often unlike your comparison to being rich it isn't something as easy to change.

  • The only thing sucked at those conferences is the money out of your wallet. Not your dick.

  • I read several of the pick up artist books. Most of that stuff isn't going to help anyone. The only one I actually found helpful was the book Rules of the Game. It is actually more of a self help book, than a book on how to pick up girls, although it does help teach the skills needed to do that.

  • Think of it like this: You cough up a couple thousand dollars to go to a conference and have some clown tell you how you're a chump now, but how he has all the answers to help you change that. What those "chumps" don't realize is that they have already been chumped out by the guy who is going to show them how not to be a chump lol

    That's a lot of chumping going on

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