Is it attractive when a girl is good with kids?

I'm just wondering, do guys like the sweet innocent goodie girls, or the bad ones? Or do they like one in the middle?

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  • I'm confused by your question in relation to the title. You want to know if we think girls being good with children is attractive and then all of a sudden you ask if we like "bad girls" or "good girls". Whatever, I'll answer both.

    I love that my girlfriend is good with kids and shows interest in having her own. It coincides with my future plans of having 2 kids (which she also wants). Of course if a guy doesn't want kids he might find his girl being good with kids a bit scary because it shows that she might want them in the future.

    Good girl versus bad girl? I like the good girl. My girlfriend is so very sweet and so seemingly innocent, but when things get a little personal-whether it be verbal or physical- she definitely lets it be known that she's not as good a girl as everyone thinks she is. I guess what I'm saying is that "good girl on the outside, bad girl in the bedroom" is the best combo ever.


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  • Being good with kids is nice but not a dealbreaker

    I d say i hate bith ends if the good girl, bad girl spectrum. I like someone in the middle

  • innocent girls = YUUUUUK

  • As a teen I prefered girls who didn't like kids... because I didn't want them. As I get older and am more inclined towards having a family, the more I like a woman who is moderatly good with kiddies.

    I guess it depends on what a guy wants. (Never been a player. Just didn't think I would ever want kids when I was young)

  • for me it depends on the age of the girl and the boys that are watching bcs we all know that all the boys don't like to have kids by accident or just be with them while they are with girl... so for as i said before it dosen't make a change


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