Why do guys on dating sites and apps text you so much?

Why do they text so much? I don't want to text for weeks with someone I know. I want to text briefly to set up a date to meet and either we like each other or not. You can't tell anything with face to face interaction, especially through text

This guy keeps texting me... hi. what's up. hows your day. we have been texting for two days already and i am not even answering a lot of his messages. is he weird or normal?

How can I cut to the chase? Why bother texting for weeks. It does not have to be an expensive date... we can even just meet up in person and talk for gods sakes.


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  • Typically women respond rarely to guys on dating sites because:

    A) Women under 35 get a lot of texts daily. It can be overwhelming.
    B) If the guy's profile has some red flag he could start getting less than 1 response to 50 requests. To counteract that, they tend to send a lot of messages or give up completely.

    Just my opinion.

  • I'll be straightforward. The guys have been lying to you about themselves. Probably not the guy you see in the picture. they are afraid you will not find them attractive in person. I myself had this experience with women on dating websites. You could always try searching Google with there image to see if it comes up anywhere else. Happens more then you think.


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