Is a four year age difference between lovers really that big in terms of grade?

So I'm a college freshman and my friend is a High School Freshman. He looks and acts so much older though. I'm not in love with him or anything like that but he is a vary attractive guy. So he jokingly asked me to marry him on Saturday and I told him "when you turn 18" still going along with the joke and it got me thinking. Is 4 years (in terms of grades) and 3 in terms of actual years really that big of a difference? Just wanted to see what people think :)


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  • Date guys in college and if you are still interested, check back with him after he turns 18. Most guys before 26 or so, don't have a clue of what they want in a relationship, in my opinion. If you want to date a guy that doesn't feel like he's doing a dance move with you, try someone who has started their career.


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  • Half your age +7 is the lowest age one can go without it being weird.


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