HELP! Need guys who are OkCupid opinions please! Should I wait for him to contact me?

Guys, do you prefer to initiate contact when you first start dating a girl? Does that make you value her more? I've gone on two amazing dates with a guy I met from OKCupid and have fallen pretty hard. We have great chemistry, are very similar actually, and laugh a lot. But I'm brand new to online dating, hardly know him or how he feels, and am scared he could be player-ish. I think making/waiting for him reach out to me makes me seem more attractive in his mind. I also told him that I would wait to hear from him after our second date. Thanks so much in advance!

  • I'm more attracted to a girl who doesn't text me.
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  • I love when a girl initiates a text thread!
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  • I don't care either way.
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  • Honestly, if you did not contact me I would think you aren't that interested.

  • Its all about the personal interaction, I could careless about some meaningless text. That is unless you are very illustrious in your words.

    • Thanks, I totally agree! I wouldn't be obsessing over it if we had a third date planned:/

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