Now she won't go out with me?

This girl and I used to work together. She's super hot and emailed me out of blue. We've been talking for sometime. I asked her to lunch and she agreed. I had to cancel on her the morning of because something came up at work, now she's
Acting like it's
Impossible to get back on her calendar. Why is she acting like this?


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  • I remember a guy cancelled on me and I was a little sad as I was SUPER excited and looking forward to our time together but I was completely okay with him trying to reschedule. Things happen. Maybe she's the kind of girl that just wants u to know it feels (sounds kind of mean in my opinion) but if she continues to be stubborn over it, then I wouldn't waste my time. Just let her know you want to make it up to her and have her let u know when is a good time for her. If she replies with a day and time, perfect! If not, she needs to stop holding grudges and being so over dramatic. Not everyone's life should circle around her.


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  • She could be hurt that you cancelled.
    She could be done with you.
    She could, just actually be that busy.

  • She was probably sooo excited and now just a little annoyed or upset that she has to wait longer to have lunch alone with you. Either that or she's angry because she cancelled plans for something else to have lunch with you and now you didn't go so she cancelled something important for nothing?

    • Either way good right?

    • Yeah either way you should keep trying that way she knows you're really interested in going to spend some time with her

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