I think I might be cheating?

Warning: Incredibly long, and most likely confusing question. So. I met a guy online, we live about four hours away from each other, and we've been texting for over a month. We might or might be in a relationship, all I know is that it was established that we were both willing to try a long-distance relationship. BUT, it was never established if that's what we were doing. I asked him if he wanted to Skype sometime, and he said possibly, so I told him that if he ever wanted to, to just let me know. He said okay :). We haven't talked for about a day since that happened, but I was hanging out with a friend today, and we met some guys and I walked around with one of them with our arms around each other's waists. He asked for my number, I gave it to him. We've been texting for a while, and it seems very flirty. I don't know if I'm even in a relationship with the guy four hours away, but I feel really bad about what I'm doing. Am I cheating on him? What should I do?

I asked the guy I met online what we were and he never answered me, but he was online on the site we met on. I guess he didn't really want anything, but it would have been nice if he answered me... So, I guess I worried about nothing.


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  • If you don't know if you're in a relationship, you're not a relationship. You've made several mistakes here:

    #1: Met a guy online, never met him in person

    #2: Four hours away - Long distance relationships don't work

    #3: Texting! It's further dehumanizes him and yourself to him.

    #4. Nothing was ever discussed.

    The online world is a fake world. Move on from him and talk to the guy in the REAL world.

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    • @beautimousbaby Well obviously they didn't work for her either or she wouldn't be asking. I could care less about the thumbs down. :)

    • She is asking what she should do about the situation. She didn't say anything about the relationship possibly not working for her. And I'm really not trying to start a fight. This is all about opinions. Just saying. (:

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  • Seems like your online thing isn't actually real. Have you actually spoken to him? Ever actually met him? Ever seen his face?

    I wouldn't consider that a relationship at all. Have fun, do you


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  • My thoughts have always been if you feel like you have to keep it from your partner then it's cheating.

  • It's not official so no your not. I mean he could be hurt by you talking to another guy but fact is you haven't done anything yet? So that's hardly cheating if you don't even know what you guys are. Which you should figure out so you don't hurt his feelings regardless.

  • Well , this is my opinion.
    First off , I met a guy online and it's long distance and it's going pretty amazing so if someone says "long distance relationships don't work," well maybe not for them but it does for some people.
    Secondly , you've talked to the 4 hour away guy about having a long distance relationship but since a relationship wasn't established then you're not cheating.
    BUT you need to figure out your feelings for both guys and talk to both about a relationship. You need to choose which is the guy you could see yourself with for a long time , or possibly forever. Regardless of how far away or close they are right now.
    Hope I helped! (:

  • How can you might be cheating

  • You are most definitely not cheating. Even if u were seeing both guys in person, what you're doing would still be ok. Ur not married, so fair game.

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