Is it a one night stand if?

Ok so I meet this guy.. I meet him through our group of friends on saturday... so I just need to know if he is going to try to text or call or see me again... even if its just for sex. Ok so he came over with his friends to one of my friends houses on Saturday night. We played cards against humanity (best game ever btw) at like midnight everyone decided to walk to sheetz/giant eagle. The whole way there he just keep walking next to me and talking to me. We talked about how I was in school and he wasn't but he wants to be next semester. How he doesn't know where to apply to and stuff. This went on and on the way back he started asking me more personal question like whats my favorite color (i said purple and he claimed that was his to, opinions on that please..) so when we got back to my friends dorm I told them that I was going to go to bed and he asked where I lived and offered to walk me back. Then asked if he could use my charger and I told him yeah. Then we spent the next hour just talking in my room about his parents divorce and stuff he did as a kid. Then my friend texts me and asks if he is going to stay the night. because his friend, who he was staying with wanted to go to bed and didn't want to lock him out (btw we live in dorms). So i asked if he wanted to stay and he asked me if i wanted him to stay. we went back and forth and then I went pee and told him to decide if he wanted to stay. When I came out he was standing by my door and I asked him if he decided and he told me it was based on what I wanted. So I told him I wanted him to stay.. and walked over and stood closer and he started kissing me. So after that because I was on my period we were not originally going to have sex... but that wound up happening. Back to the beginning kisses in between them he would ask my favorite number.. and hug me really tight. ran his hands through my hair, kissed my forehead, hands, and stuff. There is more to the story in the comments section

So anyway we talked for three more hours just laying my bed!!! about school, work, jobs, life.. then he kept telling me that I was the cutiest girl there. at like 3:00 am we started having sex.. he stayed all night and did the same stuff next morning
Ok.. so before he left he put his number in my phone. I let two days go by and text him today. He says hi and then I accidentally sent a message and he asked why I was so serious. (which wasn't done yet) He thought I may have been pregant.


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  • You got played by a player, and an odd player at that. Favorite colors, numbers, etc I'm not sure about. Will he call again? I doubt it. You invited him to stay and from the sounds of it also initiated sex. No guy will turn that down even if you're on the rag. Don't be so easy and you won't find yourself asking these questions.

    • Ok... thanks! Now.. since I met him through friends... if he does decided to come to the school I'm at (and were from the same city) so it would be ideal for distance and price... What do I do? Because I'm very sure if he comes here I will run into him. Oh! and there is more to the story but this wouldn't let me post it all. Do you need to hear the rest of it? Or are you absolutely sure?

    • I'm a guy, yes this is what many guys do. I know it's mean but it sounds like he used you. If you're at the same school I wouldn't worry too much. It might be awkward for a bit but who knows. I do know that if he tries to get with you again I would say no. If you like him then I would date for a while with no sex to establish his motive.

    • Ok. Cool. :) Thanks!

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