Guy at the gym - why did he not tell me he has a girlfriend?

I asked out a guy at the gym (took me so much guts) because he seemed interested and i was too but he never acted on it.
He was very happy that I approached him and was very communicative with me.
A week later we go out for coffee and it goes great. He smiles the whole time and tells me we have to meet up again after I come back from my 2 week vacation.
We keep in contact for the 2 weeks in which he tells me how he looks forward to seeing me when I get back.
I get back and I text him he replies but he's a bit colder.
He doesn't initiate contact anymore so I text him casually after 3 days and he replies and is nice to me.
We were supposed to go to the same club last Saturday and I told him if he does go there he should text me and we can have a drink.
He texts me from the club but sadly I was the one who couldn't go because my friends had an emergency I had to help her with.
2 days later he comes to the gym with a girl. He doesn't even say hello or anything.
Yesterday I saw them again and i'm positive they are together.
I feel so embarrassed.
The truth is I was the one that went up to him and asked him out but why didn't he just say he had a girlfriend?

I'm sure he wasn't just trying to hit it and quit it since we see each other everyday at the gym...


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  • Maybe he met her the night you didn't go to the club


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  • Ask out the scrawny guy at the gym next time not the one benching 315. I'll bet you that guy is single.


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  • He is a jerk
    I met a guy like that he ignored me and we were so cool turns out he had a gf the entire time.

  • maybe they got together while you guys chatted?