Do guys approach girls for practice or only when interested?

A guy randomly approached me at the mall while walking and he started talking to me, told me I look good, then asked me some random questions... but I didn't know how to respond cause I was thinking maybe he picked me cause im ugly and he wants to practice before he finds a pretty girl?


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  • Sure, this is a possibility. We don't know what you look like though. Maybe you are hot with low self esteem. Maybe you are average with low self esteem. Maybe this guy is only looking for sex or maybe he is seeking a relationship. There is really no way to tell. You should happily take it as a compliment no matter his true motives. Don't think too hard about it. Over time you should be able to discern whether he simply wants sex or something more. Also if you both only want a sexual relationship than there's nothing wrong with that. And you have nothing to lose if you find he only wants sex and that's not what you want; you simply cut ties with him. Wish you the best!

    • I am kinda cute I guess.. I have guys stare at me quite a bit, usually at the gym when im leaving or entering etc. I have low self esteem so i can't tell ya objectively... but this day I wore a dress, and i looked alright but i usually assume only bombshell model girls would be randomly approached like that... i dont know...

    • Aw I bet your hot. You exercise regularly and guys are checking you out at the gym. Practice exuding confidence. Eventually it will come naturally. Maybe quite a few guys wanted to approach you that day at the mall but he was the only one with the courage. Most guys don't randomly approach women because it's almost always very awkward breaking the ice. It's easier in a social setting to get the ball rolling.

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