I broke up with an abusive ex. Another ex from years back has invited me to stay with him for a week in a beautiful country. Should I go?

My recent ex was an asshole. It wasn't all of him. I played my part too. But my other ex from years ago has been in touch with me and has invited me to a country where he is stationed which is beautiful. I'm in two minds whether or not to go. I can either be lonely at home crying over my ex and doing nothing or seize this opportunity and go for a week. I have a friend who is talking me out of it saying I need to start making smart decisions... But...

What would you do?


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  • Well it's a difficult one. If you can keep this on a friends only basis the break will probanly do you good but if not you may end up more mixed up than before

    AnD. You are not to blame for an abusive ex make sure you block any contact he tries to make etc too many people blame themselves over thsse things


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