Hi girls... I need your suggestion?

recently i hav been dating online with a girl from sweden... sometimes i feel like loosing her coz she feels bored of me... how should i behave with her to make this dating interesting?


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  • Well are you in Sweden? Just dating online can get very routine quickly most people want the physical touch... But if it works for you then awesome more power to you.

    • well! im trying my best not to loose her...

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    • ok thank you!

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  • Three years ago, a man from Egypt found me on FB and we had started a whirl wind romance. After getting to know him and his family Better on Skype, I then jetted off to the far away land of Cairo, where I stayed 30 days. Things went so well I flew back over, where we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice. I resided there for awhile, later coming back to the states, where we resumed A------Online marriage.
    I say this because for two years and counting, I haven't returned to my husband. We have had many ups and downs to the fatal Fact that I may never get back over, for the Middle East has Gotten Much worse over time, and with all of this, it has caused strife in our life. It takes two special people to be in a LDR. A lot of time, patience and effort has to be played on both parts or it will go dead in the water.
    If you want to stop the madness, save the day, even 'Save' the damsel in distress, you need to do some serious soul searching of How Far you are willing to go with her and with this I mean, How long before 'Jetting off' to meet up and see her?
    I can tell you First hand that if I hadn't gone when I did, for my husband wanted to be married, having a wife live there with him, that he would have given me the boot a long time ago. It gets old real quick and a 'Real bore' when it Contains Cam And-----Nothing more.
    Good luck. xx

    • ohnthank you very much for sharing your own life views... i get to know nthat love online doesnot exist at all... so u mean i should stop taking serious actions from now onwards...

    • Unless you Both are Serious about pursuing This online life, only making it real is by You attempting to make the effort to visit her, go on further.. If Not, then stay closer to home where your heart is... xx

    • You are so welcome... always an eye opener for many... xx

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  • If she is bored with you, you need to be more interesting.
    When is the last time you had done something interesting to talk to her about?
    Or are you doing the typical LDR thing, where you talk all the time but have nothing to talk about because your actual life is on hold?

    Get out, do some interesting stuff, then when you do talk to her, you'll have some cool stuff to talk about.

    • thanks bro for ur kind advice

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