Talking on the phone with my online boyfriend

me and my online boyfriend just recently talked on the phone for the first time and it was absolutely perfect, I wasn't nervous at all and we both seemed to say all the right things without any awkward silences. and even when there was silences it wasn't awkward at all because it was at the end of our conversation (at 7 in the morning) and we were both falling asleep. we talked for 4 and a half hours and everything was perfect. last night he called me again but it seemed different, like I was more nervous than the last time and there were more silences. I don't want him to feel differently about me with this new transition from online to actually speaking to each other... I don't know why I'm more nervous now than when we talked for the first time. I found it harder to think of things to talk about and I felt like everything I said was stupid.

why is it like this all of a sudden and what are some things we can talk about?


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  • Online dating is the way of the future, so some would say. It isn't stupid, so don't get discouraged. However, it can be unsafe. Just be careful. I don't understand why he became nervous, but don't sweat it. Don't let it bother you. If you do, then you'll be affected by his nervousness and become nervous yourself. Try to get him to do some talking. You know his interest, right? Talk about movies, school work, plans for the weekend. If all else fails, pull up a list online of questions to ask him. Try to avoid questions that may cause one word responses. Try to avoid awkward questions that may lead him to tense up. Ask him about hobbies, I would avoid politics and religion. Places to visit, places you have visited, music, cars, friends, etc. Open ended questions are the best ones to go with though ;) Good luck

    • No I was the one that got nervous for some reason. he seemed completely fine.

    • Then you need to learn how to control that because those feelings could transfer to him. What if he thinks you're uncertain about this kinda thing? What if he feels like you don't really like him after all? Guys can be just as insecure as girls--if not more.

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  • Ignore the people bashing the online dating thingy. It's perfectly viable as long as you're careful.

    • Thanks, comments like that really do get annoying. haha

      yeah I'm very careful. we've been talking for two years so we know each other pretty well. but the trasition from online to the phone is kind of nerve wracking.

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    • Okay thanks (:

      so guys don't care or realize when a girl is nervous? I feel like everything I say is extremely lame. haha

    • Nope, shouldn't really be a big deal. Just chill ^^ Sorry for the time it took to reply, was midnight over here when I last replied :p

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  • people aren't responding to your question because we all know how this is going to end up. IN FLAMES. good luck, though.

  • i think having an online boyfriend is stupid sorry why there is no real connection it could be and e one find a real man babe

  • Online boyfriend? lol!