Tired of being single?

I've never ever dated and I am 18, I have had like 3 major crushes till now. I want a boyfriend all the cute stuff to do, holding hands, cuddling, getting and giving gifts and surprises. I really want one! But I am also a girl who doesn't have the guts to tell a guy first that I like him, the guy should be the first one I am a virgo woman and virgo's are very shy star signs.

How should I be approachable? I am friendly with everyone and flirt like how?


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  • well I think you should...
    1) try and step outside of your comfort zone. our star signs shouldn't dictate or give excuses for our behavior. most people aren't that comfortable approaching people but sometimes it's the only way to meet people

    2) when you are out if you like a guy try and give him non-verbal signs that you are into him. make eye contact, physical proximity, maybe light flirting


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  • iam a "virgo" but i still have no shame

    • smile alot, and ask questions, ask for a number. ill leave the rest to you

  • and how are you going to reach your goal? its not like "abra cadabra not I got a bf"

  • Must be some truth to the shy thing cause I'm a shy guy and I'm a virgo


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  • Being a Virgo does not dictate who you are as a person. I am a Virgo, and I am not shy...
    You don't have to tell someone you like them or that you are interested. Just be approachable.

    • she knows it :)

    • How to be approachable:
      SMILE. A smile can lighten up your face. This is very important.
      BE NICE. I don't mean be overly friendly or just friendly - Just be genuinely nice and mean it. People can detect "fakeness" - it is like stepping in dog poop when you meet someone who is fake nice.
      BE CONFIDENT. There is a huge difference in confident and cocky. I am not saying act like "hot sh*t"
      SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY. No one is perfect and guys don't expect you to be perfect. Be corky if you are corky. Be a little weird - if that is who you are. Just be you.
      DRESS APPEALING. Don't dress revealing, that is not what I mean. Be neat and comfortable in what you wear. You will attract the right type of man.
      FLIRT. & that could be very natural by just laughing and engaging in conversation, making eye contact and having good body language.
      ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS. Don't play bashful. Accept compliments given too you... & compliment them back. :)

    • & Don't talk to multiple guys at a time if you have someone showing interest in you that you want to pursue potentially. That is just no bueno.

  • Ugh, what's with the astrology craze on GAG recently? Girls of ANY sign can be shy and they all can overcome it.

    If you want something, go and get it. You like a guy? Tell him. I know what it's like not having the guts to tell a guy you like him but if I'm honest, it's way easier to just get it over with than to let all the pent up tension gnaw at you continuously.

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