Signs a guy has friendzoned you?

how to know a guy has friendzoned me and nothing more than friendship is possible with him?


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  • He calls you kiddo or says buddy
    He talks to you about his girl problems
    He says bro
    He tried to have a burping contest with you or something along those lines
    He says to you or someone else "she's like a sister to me"
    He says "I've known you for a long time your like a sister to me"
    He addresses you as one of my friends

    • nothing of the above mentioned things happened. can u pls elaborate girl problems?

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    • asking me out 3-4 times, talking about his fantasies, mentioning i look good, praising my cooking skills, wanting to meet my mom then suddenly mentioning he prefers friends with benefits rather than being emotionally involved n telling me about 2 girls he liked. is he making me jealous or not interested?

    • He's only interested in sex

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  • He won't make an effort to get in touch with unless he needs something from you.


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