How can you tell if it's a 'hangout' or a 'date'?

How can you tell if you're going to a hangout or a date? What are the indicators and tell tale signs?


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  • Uuh, people. If its just going to be the two of you, its a date. If there are more than 4 (double date) than its a hangout. Altho, following a date could be a hangout. I like them kind... takes that edgy pressure of intimacy off that we can sometimes feel at the end of (first) dates. Other people make for great 'ice breakers'. ;)

    • Do you reckon it depends on what your doing together or is it pretty much a cert if it's the two of us it's a date? I barely know the girl

    • Do "I reckon", lol that's cute! ;D And yes I do reckon ;) that it depends on what you are doing. For instance if its the prom you're going to then that would definitely be a date. Altho if its going to Aunt Hattie's house to help babysit, then probably just a hangout. Also, it depends on how the occasion was arrainged... if it was someone yelling, "anyone tht wnts 2go to the dance then sign up on this piece of paper" as opposed to you directly asking a girl out (whch wld be considered a date). Since u dnt know her tht well, maybe you outta suggest hanging out first. So invite her to Aunt Hatties to help babysit, sit in the treehouse, wash the dog, etc. Anything (where there will be OTHER PEOPLE) and gives the opportunity for the two of u 2get 2know each othr better. Having 2get too formal with someone we hardly know is the main reason people fake stomach aches (or aren't faking, lol) & end up bailing out from nervousness. U wnt it 2b comfortable whch will increase your chances for fun!

  • Well for one, what are you guys doing? Because I like this guy and the two of us go on "friend dates" where we do things that would be considered a date but without all the intimacy. But that is just because the two of us are shy and we work together so we are sort of stuck in this "friend date" situation. But if there's anything like hand holding, kissing.. etc. then I would say it's a date. Are you paying?

    and in response to what fabulouslyme said, that isn't true all the time. A lot of guys and girls can hang out alone together and not be a date. I've done it and so has many of my friends. Girls and guys CAN be friends guys... and they can be alone without it meaning something more.


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