Sweet thing to do right?

I've been seeing this girl for awhile now and we both like each other. I've just started texting her goodnight, but i've kept it up and done it every night after we have a little convo. I know it would be bad to like stop after she starts to expect it, so should i continue. I really like showing her that I'm thinking of her, but this wouldn't come off as clingy right. It would be sweet and caring?

Ill try to post it better-
Texting her goodnight after you have a little convo is a sweet thing to do right or is it clingy?


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  • I kinda don't know what the question is. Yeah, saying goodnight is a sweet thing, it's obvious:)


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  • all you say is good night after a convo that's fine. but if there was no convo prior and you just pop a text saying good night? you mean like that?

    • nah, haha that would be weird to just text goodnight. I talk to her for a little bit then end with goodnight

    • oh then you're golden bruh :D

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