Could these qualities overcome looks?

I'm medium height guy, I have great style (I also work for streetwear magazine), I have big, blue, beatufiul eyes (every girl told me about it) I study journalism, I have self-confidence, I have some type of charisma, I'm not afraid of beautiful girls and I approach them (many hot guys ask me how I can do it)...

.. however I'm not typical "hot guy". I'm extremely thin (lifting weights and eating a lot don't help me), have big nose and I'm balding.

I had a success with very beautiful girls, but only for one night stand or very short term relationships. People don't believe me I seduced this girl, because they seem extremely georgoes compared to me. I don't give a damn, I know what I did.

I often had a situation, when after great night with girl, next day she didn't respone. Did they regret that they did it with me? Maybe I seduced them, but they realize I'm not typical hot guy?

Could good qualities overcome bad looks?

Does it mean I'm only good for one night, but they can't be longer with me, because I'm not "representative""?


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  • Why should a girl overlook your unattractiveness when you seem to just go after pretty girls?

    • Because I approach girls who I'm interested in. :)

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    • It's a life. I can't cheat myself. It doesn't mean girl should look a like a model or typical hot girl, but she must be attractive for me. The problem is I can attract pretty girls, but only for a very short time. I consider it is because I'm not "representative" partner for a daily life.

    • I get it but if you consider them shallow then so are you. I don't think anyone should be with someone they don't find attractive but you expect beautiful girls to give you a chance when it seems like you don't do the same.

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  • Yes, personality matters more in my opinion. You don't want shallow girls that only care about how you look anyway ^^ It doesn't matter that you aren't typically hot, each girl likes something different :)


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  • good qualities can definitely overcome bad looks bruh

  • Sounds like girls already like you, man. Looks are very important to attraction, you don't have to be super hot but you sound pretty attractive to me. I still have yet to find me a girl that digs me so keep your chin up and be happy you already had some luck!