Haven't met. Can this be true love?

I was bored and went onto the chat forum where i was leading what i call a 'charm competition': where each guy needs to tell one thing about themselves to persuade me to choose them. And it carries for 6 rounds.

It was so much fun. The King of the competition and I chatted further on skype. We really hit it off well. We have been talking day and night for 20 days. We are constantly texting and phoning 2 to 3 hrs at a time, sometimes 2, 3 times a day. He really loves me and I love him too.

The problem is that he lives 12500km away and he is planning to come and visit me in 2 months time when i finish the exams. We really wanna get to know each other well and be together as soon as we can, if things go well, either he or I will move and get married and all.

My mom being very conservative, she's not very happy about me having a boyfriend. She obviously doesn't know i haven't met him yet. I visited where he currently lives, about 2 months ago. So my mom thinks that i met him while i was there.

Even though he says he loves me for who I am and not for my looks, I am a little concerned about my looks and also that I can't ignore the possibility of him being disappointed when he finally sees me...

Do you think it's possible to fall in love like this?
Does anyone have experience with meeting people online?

I haven't met him BUT i have seen him many many times on Skype and so did my brother when i was skyping with him so it's not like he's this dodgy man who i don't even know how he looks.


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  • I totally think it's possible to fall in love like this, In fact I think meeting someone online gives you an even higher chance of emotional compatibility, while sacrificing some physical compatibility sometimes.

    The fact that you have a chance of "talking to anyone" on the internet gives you the chance of meeting people you wouldn't ordinarily meet, the internet gives you connection to millions of people while in your daily life you may walk by several hundred, but how many of them will you really have the time or motivation to talk to? And even if you do talk to some person you meet in person it is probably because of their physical appearance.

    As for personal experience, I met one of my ex girlfriends on a video game, so if you think how you met your guy is weird, it's not even close :P We were incredibly compatible emotionally, it was a great relationship eventually I went to go meet her and we had a very good time together, she wasn't the most beautiful girl and honestly if I saw her walking down the street I probably wouldn't have talked to her, and never got to know such a wonderful person. So for that I thank the internet.

    Go for it girl! :)


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  • This is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Mistake #1: You met him ONLINE

    Mistake #2: You met him during a "charm" competition, in which the whole idea was to say things you want to hear. So it could be just an act

    Mistake #3: Long distance relationships don't work. Now you're going to waste two months of your life in which that time you could be finding people in the REAL world you could MEET and TALK to, FACE TO FACE, and you're going to throw that away for someone who SAYS they will visit you in 2 months time.

    "Do you think it's possible to fall in love like this?" You may think you're in love, but 9 times out of 10, once you get in the real world, who they really are will become obvious.

    "Does anyone have experience with meeting people online?" Yes, lots. I can speak from experience.

  • brutally honest, how can you love someone you never met? I mean I kinda get where you're coming from but you gotta see them in flesh. it could be that you're just extremely infatuated, have you considered that? like your expectations and value of him are high because everything is so great over text and Skype but once you meet in person that is all suspect to change.

    but its not impossible meeting and falling in love the way you did.

  • Getting to know someone the way you did isn't the problem, at least in my opinion. But committing to a relationship with talk of getting married before you've even met him face to face? Wait out the next couple of months and then actually spend time with him and then you'll have a better idea. People can only see what they want to see through messaging and the long distance stuff. Only be seeing each other in person can you really get an idea of a persons habits, mannerisms, and what not.


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  • you never know if you never try.. what will you lose if you try? i know of some who met online and they have a happy married life. with regards to your looks, i think generally people look better in person than in pics/videos. just be honest and always highlight your flaws be it physical or your personality so that he will not expect much. there should be no hidden flaws. good luck! ^-^