A question for the ladies regarding online dating?

How many of you ladies out there use online dating services? And of the ones that do, what is your criteria for talking to guys who message you? And finally what websites do you utilize?

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  • I don't do online dating anymore but when I did, I used Plenty of Fish, Match, and eHarmony.
    I had the most "luck" (more dates) with POF than the other two.
    If someone sent me a message, I'd look at his profile and the first thing I'd look at would be what he's looking for; relationship, dating, hookup, etc.
    I wasn't interested in hookups, so if that's what they said, I'd respond letting them know I'm wanting more than that and thanks.
    Most of the guys who messaged me seemed to be like me in some ways, we had things in common, so I responded and we chatted some... sometimes it never went further than that, other times, it progressed and I dated many of them, had relationships with some as well.

    When you message girls, try to think of something more than just "Hey, how are you?" Maybe mention something she said on her profile, that lets her know you're paying attention to that stuff, instead of just saying "hi" to every girl thats fairly attractive.

    Good luck!


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