I'm starting to not like my boyfriend anymore. Help? From guys please?

We have been dating since the 4th of this month. We both are in our 1st year of college. He's been gone for almost three weeks and I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. He finally texted me today after I texted him last week and told me he is still in Cleveland w/ his mom. He's been in there for 3 weeks and he doesn't call or text me. I try to call him but it says his phone is over, then he texts me 2 days later. I'm beginning to get upset with him b/c he'd texts me in the morning but then doesn't respond till the next day or two.

I don't know what to do right now, he told me on the 11th that he really likes me but since he doesn't even wanna put forth the effort to call/text back, I'm beginning to think he doesn't like me the way he say he does.

Question is, guys if you don't call/text your girl back in almost a week, are you giving her the hint that you don't like and want to be with her anymore?

Thank you.


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  • if we had already established a relationship then i wouldn't pull that shit on you. trying to get you to leave me first? no. i would tell you straight. i think you're losing your feelings because of the lack of communication and presence. i get it, it bothers people.

    • I think you make be right. It really brothers me when there is no much communication in relationships

    • its really hard and thats why most LDRs fail. the spark is most likely to come back when you two see each other again.

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  • Each person is different, personally, my gf and me text everyday when we can and ain't tooooo busy with work
    but i know peeps who are just as happy, yet only speak once a month till they meet up...
    honestly, think he may just be busy and you are thinking a little too into it (as i would at the start of a relationship lol)
    my advice would be to relax and keep yaself busy :)

    • Thanks I try to listen to moonlight sonata and do my homework weeks in advance lol

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