My Crush Ignores Me!?

Before he acted like he really liked me, by physical contact etc (it was last year when we were Grade 11 students). But now when we're Grade 12 studens, he stopped all those things.

We act like normal classmates and he rarely replies to my messages, I've asked him why, he said it's because he's confused of what to answer (although before we could chat about everything), so I know it's only a stupid reason.

Even sometimes if I talk to him (I'm the class's vice captain, so I must talk to people), he doesn't look at my eyes, he'll either stare on the wall or on the floor.

Are we not going to work out? I asked an older friend before (he's like 20 years old), and he said my crush likes me but he's scared. Is that true?

Thanks before!


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  • No one can tell yet
    So act normal and try to minimize your connection to him for now. Even avoid him if possible..
    Look ur best and be friendly with other guys around him
    And wait he will make a move if he likes you