I don't know if she's into me or not :/?

So first things first, I like this girl and its not because the way she looks (Its a good bonus though :P) we'd be perfect for each other and it made my day when I was at this party and her friend dared her to give me a lap dance. Obviously, too young and we both shy'd out of it but it gave me the impression that she liked as for what reason would I be the one getting the lap dance? (Before I continue, I should mention that near the end of last school year we liked each other but I moved so I never knew what happened to us and well... I still managed to hold my feelings for her till now) So I started talking to her and at first I was really shy in our convos (texting) but now I'm definitely more confident but I feel as if she's not as interested anymore. Her friend and my friends always encourage me to take initiative and basically carry 75% of the convo. I don't know maybe it's not just me cuz she seems to be inactive on most social networks. So now im wondering if I should continue to talk to her or hit her with it or... I honestly dont know what to do at this point. I still love her though :)

  • Just talk to her like I always do.
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  • Tell her I like her.
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  • She's probably trying to get over you for some reason. Give her a reason not to.


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  • ask her out. maybe she was interested but stopped being interested because she gave up on you.


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