Girls, how do you pick which guys to message back on a dating site?

Girls, when you have tons of guys messaging you, how do you find the guy again that replied to your message and reply back?

Yes I have some pics up. Oh also it's not really that I have a problem with them not messaging me at all it's that they flake off after messaging back and forth 3 or 4 times.


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  • When i was on i elimatinated men who were older than 40 and younger then me 20. With those out of the way i replied back to every guy, and just have a random conversation with, the more messages the better.. You can tell if they are interested when they write you paragraphs and paragraphs and you realise wow well him give him a call instead..

    • You know I noticed that whenever I messaged a girl just saying hi I always got more responses then when I actually read their profile and asked her something based on her profile. For some reason if I wrote out paragraphs then I would lose them. haha.

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    • Well I just meant the initial message. The more I message the girl, the longer my responses will become. One thing I've noticed is that most girls only message me back like 3 times before I don't hear from them after that. Which I just assume she got bombarded by too many other guys and I got lost somewhere in all the messages.

    • Yeah hahah bombarded 🙈 maybe maybe

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  • It depends a lot. My fiancée messaged me many times before I responded because he didn't write much more than "hey!" and he had some truly terrible photos :P
    You gotta be nice, and read what she has wrote, and short.
    The guns who wrote me pages of messages and told me about our future children... Wayyyyy too much!

    • So I guess sometimes you kind of have to just keep messaging them? I see they view my message a lot of times, but don't respond. The that happens is they block me. If a guy keeps messaging you does that tell you he must really be serious and like you?

    • Well he did it about once a month for a few months
      But it's very rare that that works, you will normally get blocked

  • I'd reply or initiate a conversation with a guy who seemed nice & I was semi-attracted to.

  • The ones that write well and thoughtfully and show me that they actually read my profile and can see a potential connection between us. And of course his pictures are also considered

    • haha. I need to reword my question. I meant when you have tons of guys messaging you, how do you manage it all and filter through all the guys so you can message back the one you're interesting in. lol

    • I immediately delete the ones im not intwrested in and message back the ones I'm interested in

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  • Girls look at pics what you say in your profile and how your first message is presented. It's better to meet a girl in person sometimes they look better in person than in pics other times they used camera tricks to make them look better

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