What to do, my girlfriend has never told a joke, is boring, and broke?

She works soo hard, and has a ton of debt. She never has any money so a vast majority of the time I have to pay.

She's soo sweet and is truly a good person and this makes this soo hard.

Basically, she's boring. She is soo quiet, has never told a joke and just clings onto me. Whenever I bring her around my friends, she just sits there looks bored and plays around on her phone.

I ask her what she wants to do and she's always like idk, I don't care, you choose. I feel like I'm entertaining a guest! It's so frustrating...

We've been going out for 3 months and all this is seriously driving me up a wall... I'm not sure if this is gonna work out.

BUT she's soo sweet I mean soo kind and nice.

What should I do!


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  • Not sure why you decided to get into a relationship with somebody who you clearly aren't very compatible with, but either way nobody is truly "boring", maybe she's just got very thick walls, eventually when you get through em I'm sure she'll be a fun person. She just might not feel comfortable opening up to you, if you can get her to feel comfortable and be herself I'm sure you'll see her real personality shine through.

    Most times a person is quiet and doesn't joke around it's cause they're scared or insecure if they talk too much and people figure out who they really are or they make jokes and people think it's stupid they'll stop liking them or judge them, so often times it's more trying to play it safe/not having the confidence to be themselves rather than them being boring.

    Compliments on her personality, sense of humour or just about anything about her that's not appearance based (although you can throw those in too) should help her feel like she has less to worry about when speaking to you. And maybe you can take her out on a nice date, come home then cuddle and watch a movie and lie on your bed with the lights dim or off and just talk. About anything & everything, things like that can usually get a girl to open up and talk about just about anything. If she's the quiet one then the responsibility is really gunna be on you to try and get the conversation going in a direction she likes, you can even play 21 questions, seems like a kids game but you can learn a lot of interesting things about a person if you know the right questions to ask vice versa (And not just sexual questions like a high school kid, you're trying to undress her mind not her body). And at the end of the day if all that fails, well, it just wasn't meant to be.

    Don't try to turn water into wine. Just let it be and do yourselves both a favour and let yourselves be single so you can get into a relationship with somebody you're compatible with.

    • But since she's a nice girl make sure to break it off easy and let her know why, and that there's nothing wrong with her you two simply aren't each others type and there's nothing wrong with that.

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  • She is not going to change. She will keep wanting to play board games instead of going out to drink. That's how her personality is. You can't do anything about it. Can you get her to compromise for you?
    If you feel that you can't handle it, I am sorry but I suggest you to break-up with her. You don't sound compatible at all.

  • Do you think you would be content with having a dull partner? Or do you think you'd prefer a more lively girlfriend?

    The decision you make depends entirely upon your own personality and the type of personality you're looking for in a partner. Does her sweetness make up for her dullness to you?

  • Well if you aren't happy it sounds like maybe things aren't working out. I'd say break up with her gently, she obviously deserves that! it always makes it so hard. maybe she's not comfortable around your friends? Have you brought this up to her?

    • Yea we did talk a little about how my friends like to drink and hang out late... You know what she likes to do, play board games... that's something an old lady does. I can't play sorry and monopoly games every night, it gets soo boring.

    • so there's the underlying reason for your frustration! you aren't really compatible! sounds like you should just break up now...

  • Well... I'm quiet and shy and socially awkward so when I'm with my bf's friends, I'm very quiet and sit there and play with my ohone. That doesn't make me or her boring, maybe she's just not comfortable around them.

    • I hear ya, it's the combination of that and even when she's not around my friends she just sits there and says nothing. I feel soo awkward

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    • Come out of her shelol


    • Shell

      Ugh sorry! I'm on my phone

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  • Try a change of pace man. Take her somewhere where she has to open up and ditch her phone. Go camping or go picnic somewhere beautiful. It'll take off all the stress on her and maybe you'll see a side of her you've never seen before.

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