What's the best way to tell a guy you're attracted to them?

There's a guy I never talked to but I want him to know that I have a thing for him. What is the least awkward way of telling him this without coming off as weird or creepy?

I don't wanna mess this up. Last year, another dude told me he liked me on Twitter DMs and I blew him off because I got creeped out since I never talked to him before.

So any tips on how I can tell my current attraction that I'm attracted?

P. S. I get little hints here and there about him liking me back. The hints are so strong that I've decided to say something to him.


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  • guys are waaaay easier to please than girls. just tell him and it won't be weird. even if he says no he'll forget about it and if he likes you it won't just make his day, it'll make his year! JUST DO IT (more girls should... its harder for guys to flirt)


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  • The best way to tell him is to tell him.

    It's that simple.


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