Is it wise to never date in college?

I'm a college student. I'm 24. I also work and participate in athletics at my school. I take my work and studies very seriously. However, when it comes to dating and approaching women, I have no interest in that while I'm in school. Having a girlfriend can be a distraction and I want my focus to be on school, work, and sports. I've turned some girls down at my school who wanted to go out on a date with me. Would you say this is wise?


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  • I think you are a focus collected young man. Girls right now would only be a distraction.


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  • Yes. You have your whole life to date and break up with girls, now is the time you solidify your future so you do need to focus.

  • you can do whatever you want in regards to this


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  • If you feel having a GF will distract you then yeah. Finish your school bro. Chicks will still be there when you get finished. 👍

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    • Thanks. But no thanks.

  • whats your experience with dating like?

    • Don't have any dating experience with women.

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    • I've been on dates but it has never turned into anything more

    • You've been on dates. I haven't. You have more experience than I do lol.